Parking Information

For on campus camps
The most convenient place to park is in area E-21 (formerly E-12). You must pay for parking at the automated kiosk located in front of the Waterfront Activities Center. Your purchased parking voucher must be displayed inside your vehicle! The least expensive place to park is in the Montlake Parking Lot, E-1. On the map, lot E-21 (formerly E12) is located in R-18. Parking Lot E-1 Montlake is located in R-10.

For more information about parking at the UW, please Click Here!

Liability Forms

The Liability Waiver must be received, signed by parent/guardian and on file for each participating camper prior to the start of each camp. It is suggested that this form be submitted at the time of registration. Clink on the links tab for more information.

Lunch / Food

All campers are to provide their own food and/or snacks. Please mark your name clearly on your lunch/snack! Gatorade drinks will be available and provided for all campers.

What events are available

All track and field events will be covered at our camp. Campers are welcome to participate in as many events as they would like, or just specialize in one event area. We would recommend trying to focus on one or two events, as lessons from one session may carry over to another day.

Field Event Implements

All field event implements are available, but athletes are encouraged to bring their own if they are able to.

Equipment Storage

It is assumed that each camper will have some sort of storage/equipment bag for their own gear. We are not responsible for lost or stolen gear. Please mark your equipment with your name.

Pre and Post Camp Supervision

Campers should be picked up & dropped off at Husky Stadium. We are not responsible for your camper after each session is concluded.

Can Parents Watch?

Absolutely! Parents should observe from the regular stadium seating area. Parents are not to go on the field unless theyre in attendance when an injury occurs

Merchandise for Sale

All things Husky Track will be available for purchase at each camp.