USF Doubles Pair Win ITA Regional Championship

USF's Bernardo Saraiva and Nils Skajaa continued their winning streak in the double's open for the 2014 USTA ITA Northwest Regional Championships at Stanford University as they took home the championship title."This was a big moment for the program and we are proud of Bernardo and Nils for putting in a great tournament," said Director of Tennis, Peter Bartlett. "Three years ago when we paired them together for the first time we had a good feeling that if we could teach them more about the game of doubles and put them in front of great competition that they would take full advantage of the opportunities. They certainly accomplished that today with this big win and we look forward to taking them back to New York to the National Indoors and put them up against some more great competition."


How do I pick which site to attend?

Its ultimately your choice and you can choose based on location or what the site has to offer. The University of San Francisco site is designed more for younger students and doesnt have as much space to accommodate match play. However at USF we use more instruction tools and is very good for developing young players. USTA quick start nets and balls are incorporated as well as regular weighted balls and courts.

The San Francisco State site offers more room and more court space for players to partake in higher level drills and matches. We recommend more advanced intermediate and High Performance players attend this camp facility.

Both sites have an excellent and experience staff.



Where do the campers eat lunch?


All the campers will be escorted to the cafeteria on campus regardless of whether they bring a lunch or choose to purchase a lunch.. At the USF site they will attend the Lone Mountain cafeteria. At the SFSU site they will be escorted to the main cafeteria food court. Regardless of the site campers will be supervised during the lunch period.