“Active Isolated Stretching has been a large part of my practice for over a decade. My training with Aaron Mattes taught me the basics of AIS but it has been strengthened over the years by my exposure to the work of Coach James Henry. I have been fortunate to work with the University of Michigan Track and Field team and have witnessed how Coach Henry has used Active Isolated Stretching to help his athletes perform their best, both through assisted stretching as well as teaching his athletes to properly stretch themselves. His decades of experience stretching athletes, combined with his remarkable coaching knowledge has given him a truly unique perspective on the application of stretching to enhance athletic performance and reduce injuries. If you have the opportunity to learn from Coach Henry, I cannot recommend it enough.”


Owner, Human Performance Collective, LLC




“I am a huge fan of the dynamic isolated stretching method that Coach Henry utilizes. He taught me about this type of stretching 12 years ago and I still implement it now as a professional athlete. During my track career, I have competed in two Olympic games, won numerous medals, and have broken many records. I can honestly say a part of my success has been because of the stretching that has kept me healthy and has contributed to my longevity in the sport.”


Tiffany Porter




“The StretchStrap™ has an infinite range of adjustments – and James Henrys technique utilizes most of them.”

Lane Gainer Sports
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Ann Arbor, MI 48113




”Coach Henrys stretches have tremendously helped me with my flexibility and my physical health in the sport. It something that has helped me succeed at the collegiate level and I will continue to use it during my professional career as well.”


Cindy Ofili




“The doctors said Id never walk again. Once James Henry took over with his extreme stretching and coaching techniques he had me walking independently in six months. In another year and a half you would hardly know Id spent two years in a wheelchair.”


Bob Spaly