San Diego State Volleyball

July 2018

Aztec Volleyball Elite Hitter and Setter Camp

07/21/2018 ~ Saturday Registration Ends: 07/21/2018$99.00 | Peterson Gym - San Diego State University 5400 55th St, San Diego, CA 92115


Setters and hitters will be broken up for the first half of the session to work on specific skills relative to their position. The second half of the camp will be a combination of both setters and hitters to work/compete together on tempo, location, transition, and play sets. Advanced techniques will be trained with fast paced drills and game play. This camp is designed for the experienced level player.


This camp is open to any and all participants subject to the restrictions previously stated.


Waiver Information

Please fill out the (Mandatory) San Diego State University Sports Camp Medical History and Consent to Treat Form and:


Email to: Queenie Soriano at or send it to:


Queenie Soriano

SDSU Athletics
5500 Campanile Drive
San Diego, CA 92182-4313


Download Waiver Form ...... Download Rules and Guidelines ..... Welcome Packet


To download the camp flyer, click here



Peterson Gym 5400 55th St, San Diego, CA 92115

If you want to stay and watch your daughter play, you are more than welcome. Please follow these instructions to park your vehicle.

Off the 8 EAST FREEWAY Take a right off of College exit and follow the street up until Montezuma (youll curve up the road, cross under a walking bridge and see a gas station on your left). Take a right on Montezuma and follow it down Until 55th Street. Take a right.


Parking Information

There is a parking structure located on the corner of Montezuma and East Campus Dr. The parking structure is called PS4 (marked by a pink X on the campus map). You will need to purchase a parking permit at the parking kiosk for a couple of hours and THEN park. Please display the parking permit on dashboard. IF YOU DO NOT PURCHASE A PARKING PERMIT YOU WILL BE TICKETED BY PARKING SERVICES. The SDSU Volleyball camp will not be responsible for parking tickets.

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Please check your email regularly as this is our primary way we communicate. Any additional information that we need to convey as the camp draws closer will be passed on to you via the e-mail address that you supplied when you signed up for camp. Please make it a habit to check your e-mail daily, this will eliminate any confusion and or miscommunication.