“We Build Players”

Welcome to The Progressive Basketball Academy. We aim to be the most comprehensive approach to skill training and developing youth basketball players. The goal at The PBA is simple: develop passionate young basketball players who have integrity, a work ethic, and a love for personal growth.

Our Academy focuses on providing each individual with the basketball and life skills necessary to excel at an elite level.PBA provides nutritional guidance to maximize the execution of the skills, and the mental triggers to be able to perform at this elite level, every day. PBA emphasizes “living out of your comfort zone” and the importance of “performing like a pro” in order to maximize results and meet the demands of life on and off the court.


Our Basketball training incorporates not only skills development, but also skills execution in a competitive environment on a consistent basis. Our teaching is designed for players to perform and execute a high level of technique while demonstrating a thorough understanding of the game. We will break the game down to its finest details and begin to “build players” who have mental and physical integrity.


PBA provides elite level opportunities in the following areas:

• On court basketball training
• Position specific skills training
• Individual / team strategy
• Strength and conditioning training
• Individual attention
• Camps and clinics
• Mental Training
• Winter and Spring leagues
• Summer tournaments
• Nutritional guidance
• College recruitment program


The integration of all these components allows each player to realize their fullest potential. We aim to produce highly skilled, disciplined, and dynamic players and individuals who are an asset to any team regardless of the system or style of play. Step into our basketball world and experience the game at its highest level.


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