Marin Sports Academy


The Marin Sports Academy (MSA) is a California 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation whose mission is to provide opportunities for Marin and surrounding counties youth to participate in sports through camps, clinics, training and competitive team play. The MSA is run by an all volunteer Board of Directors.



The MSA believes that participation in sports is an essential tool in the development of young men and women in todays society. One-third of American teenagers are obese and only 2% of high schools require any form of daily physical activity. Yet sports teaches children how to work together, teaches problem solving and social skills and improves school attendance and grades, particularly among students deemed most at risk. This is why the MSA promotes various sports related activities through its athletic teams and other programs in which children of all ages are encouraged to play and be part of a team.



The mission of the MSA is to educate and help youth not only to develop athletic skills but also to gain a level of confidence and self-esteem that they can use on and off the playing field. It is the MSAs goal to reach as many young men and women in the community as possible, regardless of economic status. Programs offered by the MSA are funded by program fees, fundraising events and the generous donations from individuals and organizations. Scholarships are based on economic need.



The MSAs Code of conduct requires behavior in a manner above reproach and applies to all players, parents/guardians, coaches and staff. Players are expected to maintain good academic standing and carry at least a 2.5 GPA.



The goals for our competitive teams are:
* …..Focus on player development (skills, character, discipline) to prepare these young athletes for the challenge of playing high school sports
* …..Strive to maintain a continuity of players and coaches
* …..Primarily fund coaching and player development, not program overhead
* …..Enable professional coaches to lead all sports functions while parents administer the team and enjoy the games



The players receive professional instruction on all facets of the game from both our program coaches as well as visiting experts. Additional player development comes from competing with and against other all star caliber players and teams. MSA focuses on player development, not win at all costs.



Board Members:

Michael Bentivoglio – President & Founder
John Jakiemiec – Chairman & Founder
Tom Kunst – Founder
Stacy Pasko
Julie Stoll