Morehead Eagles Soccer

* 2009 OVC Conference Champions
* 2010 OVC Conference champions and OVC Tournament champions NCAA participant
* 2013 OVC Tournament champions NCAA participants

Warren Lipka's Soccer Camps at Morehead State

Warren Lipka's Soccer Camps at Morehead State University offer an opportunity for players to receive valuable instruction on the fundamental skills of soccer. Campers will be made aware of the characteristics that define successful players. Organized games between campers will provide a competitive outlet after specific drills have been practiced. Contests built into drills capture the learner's attention, which results in attentive practice.

Drill progressions will be aimed towards recognizing and developing good habits in all aspects of the game. General courtesy, respect for teammates and opponents and the importance of hard work will be taught to the campers through example by the Instructional Staff.

MSU events coming soon.
Please check back as new scheduling will be posted here.

For qestions regarding Warren Lipka's Soccer Camps at Morehead State University contact 606-207-1704 or e-mail

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