Fatema Issa | Camp Director


Hi! My name is Fatema Issa and I am a Master of Education student at Marymount. I received my undergraduate degree in social sciences. With an additional associates degree and certification in early-childhood development. I currently teach full-time at Nysmith Gifted and Talented school. Teaching 4th-8th grade Language Arts. Now I want to provide that same kind of experience for your children. I am looking forward to meeting each camper at our 3E camp: Explore, Enrich, Enjoy!




Ana Lado


Hi! My name is Ana Lado and I received my doctorate from Georgetown University and am a fulltime Professor of Education in the School of Education and Human Services. I have directed summer camps with Marymount students as camp counselors. My favorite activities are ones in which we make things that children get excited about, such as boats that float, hoover crafts that move, and electronic gadgets that buzz. I also like teaching languages using childrens picture books that entice readers to play guessing games and dramatize scenes. I look forward to enjoying camp with your children and the Marymount counselors.