About Us



Pat Myers owns and operates all MBX Lacrosse Camps and Clinics. Pat and his older brother Nick Myers were born and raised in Kennebunk, Maine. As two brothers who picked up the game of lacrosse in their youth years in a small, non-traditional lacrosse town in Southern Maine, they understand the importance of spreading the game of lacrosse throughout the United States and Canada, as well as providing the highest level of quality instruction to anyone who truly has the “lacrosse bug.” Nick and Pat grew up a mile form their local high school in Kennebunk Maine and utilized the local grocery store wall to hone their games at a young age. By the time they were on their way to play college lacrosse, they both had become 2x High School All-Americans, and fallen in love with the game that has now become their profession in the world of college lacrosse. Pat has a burning desire to educate and inspire young men through lacrosse instruction in a fun atmosphere that will leaving a lasting impression on each and every young man that attends an MBX Lacrosse Camp or Clinic, a trait that both he and his brother Nick have shared for many years.