Are the campers grouped by age?

Yes, 5-6, 7-9, 10-12, 13-14

Are drinks and lunch provided?

Yes, drinks are provided throughout the day to keep campers hydrated and lunch is provided towards the end of the camp.

Will my camper be supervised?

Absolutely! We take the safety of our campers seriously and they are supervised by our coaches & staff throughout the day.

What type of instruction will my camper receive?

The camp is structured in a way that campers will receive both individual and group training related to specific positions and general football skills.

What do we need to bring? Is any equipment needed?

This is a “non-contact” camp. You do not need to bring pads or helmet. However, cleats should be worn.

Can I watch the camp?

Yes, you are welcome to come watch your camper participate throughout the day.