Mizzou Golden Girls

Being a member of the Golden Girls is a prestigious and honored position that takes dedication, pride, time and hard work.


In 1957, Charles Emmons, the director of the band, added the sparkle to Marching Mizzou by founding the now-famous Golden Girls, a twirling line of six to eight majorettes and two feature twirlers. The group first danced in 1966, when then-director Dr. Alex Pickard had the girls throw down their batons and do the “Charleston.” In 1970, the twirling line officially became the gold-sequined, high-kicking dance line that it is today.


The Golden Girls won the national championship in the pom-dance category in 1991, 1992 and 2003. Their 1991 title netted them a trip to Japan, where they performed at the Japan Classic Basketball All-Star series.


Shannon Fry, the head coach of the Golden Girls, was a Golden Girl at Mizzou from 1990-94 and was a four-time collegiate all-American. She competed on both the 1991 and ’92 national champion squads. After graduation, Shannon cheered for the Kansas City Chiefs, and has been leading the Golden Girls since 1997.


Please contact Shannon Fry at frys@missouri.edu with any questions regarding workshops.