Lee County/FGCU Aquatics Center

The FGCU/Lee County Aquatics Complex opened in 2004 and serves as the home to the 9 time CCSA Champion FGCU Women's Swimming and Diving Team. Read More


“Your Camp made a difference in many kids lives. Thanks for keeping them safe and making great memories.” – Steve B, Naples, FL




“I would personally like to thank ya’ll for your dedication to our kids.We do not let our kids go off very much on their own, one specific reason is because of their age, another because we feel these are the crucial times in their life that we expose them to people and places we feel will build a good foundation in their lives.  With that being said, I can without a doubt, comfortably say I feel that my child has been safe and in a good environment while being in your care.Thanks again for all that ya’ll do!!”- Amy D. Wauchula, FL




“We were very impressed by what you and your husband have put together. The one-on-one coaching and the chance to get advice from an Olympian was such a great experience along with all the other training and fun activities. I’m sure Connor will be back next year!”- Tammy F. Naples, FL




“Thank you so much. My daughter had a blast and thoroughly enjoyed it! You all do a great job.” -Sandra M, Oldsmar, FL




“When we signed Lauren up for the FGCU Eagle swim camp we were excited, but we were not sure what to expect.  After Lauren was signed up, the communication we received from Caroline was first rate.  You could tell from her e-mails the genuine excitement she had for putting together the Eagle swim camp.


Lauren was staying off campus with me but when my wife, Anne, asked Caroline if Lauren could participate in some of the evening activities set-up for the overnight campers we received a very enthusiastic “yes”.  This made Lauren feel as if she was going to be a part of the entire camp experience.


Upon registering Lauren the night before camp started, we were greeted by Caroline and the coaches who would be assisting Head Coach Dave Rollins with the camp.  All of the coaches were very nice, approachable, and you could tell they genuinely have a good time in one another’s presence.  For me, this makes for a great atmosphere for swimmers regardless of their age.


I was able to stay and watch some of the camp each day and what really impressed me was the level of attentiveness that each coach showed the swimmers.  You could tell these coaches truly cared about the swimmers’ progress in all of the drills.  Before camp would start or after the day was over, the coaches were interacting with the swimmers.  It was great to see the coaches caring about these swimmers both in and out of the water.


It wasn’t unusual to see all of the coaches including Head Coach Dave Rollins get into the pool to demonstrate exactly what they wanted the swimmers to do.  This showed me the coaches had a real understanding that some swimmers understand verbal cues while other swimmers need visual cues.


There are not many camps where Olympians are scheduled to come in and actively coach the swimmers.  Olympian David Plummer helped the swimmers out for an entire day working on their backstroke technique.  This was a great experience for the swimmers.


During the evening the swimmers would get together and do fun relays.  This was a great way for the kids to interact with one another and on one particular night, the coaches actually raced against one another in the 50 fly.  Having coaches that do these types of things honestly gives the coaches more “cred” with the swimmers.  These swimmers can see for themselves these coaches know exactly what they are talking about—plus it’s fun for the swimmers to watch “old people” race!


The private sessions are well worth the money.  My only regret is I only had Lauren do 2 private sessions.  The amount of assistance Coach Amanda gave to Lauren in those sessions is immeasurable.


Lauren left camp with better awareness, more confidence in her abilities and an enthusiasm that has carried over during the weeks since camp has ended.   Her 100 meter breaststroke personal best came the week after camp ended and that time is the number 1 time for the girls’ 11-12 year old division in the State of North Dakota right now. Lauren has cut time in 3 consecutive meets in the 100 meter backstroke since camp ended and her current personal best time in this event is the number 2 time in the girls’ 11-12 year old age group in the State.


Coach Dave Rollins and his staff gave Lauren some great advice and they demonstrated what they wanted Lauren to do in a way that made sense to her.  Thus, she’s brought that knowledge home and she continues to work on her technique every day in practice taking a mental inventory to ensure she is doing what Coach Rollins and his staff showed her.


We will back next year for camp! Lauren summed up how she liked camp the night before we flew home when she said to me “Dad, I’m kind of sad that camp is done”.  After observing Coach Rollins and his staff for 4 days with the swimmers—-so was I.


Coach Dave Rollins’ Eagle Swim Camp is a crown jewel among many swim camps that take place all over the U.S. during the summer months.  If you want to give your swimmer a distinct advantage in learning technique and applying that technique in the water you better sign your child up for this swim camp.” Al McDonagh- North Dakota




“I just wanted to share with you that Aidan has had an amazing summer season thus far, and just accomplished his big goal of making Zones. He had some big time drops at FLAGs and placed top 8 in all of his events. He is so excited to be selected to go to Texas and compete at Zones. I can’t say thank you enough for the great camp experience that really reignited that spark and jump started his training this summer. I recommend your camp to everyone!”  Alyson C- Fort Myers FL