Lee County/FGCU Aquatics Center

The FGCU/Lee County Aquatics Complex opened in 2004 and serves as the home to the 9 time CCSA Champion FGCU Women's Swimming and Diving Team. Read More

Who can attend Eagle Swim Camps?

Competitive swimmers ages 8-18.

Day Camper versus Resident?

A day camper starts the day at the pool at 8:00 am and is picked up at the end of pool walkway after activities at 5:00 p.m. They will have lunch provided for them. Day Campers are to remain with the group until the end of the day.

Residents are overnight campers that will be residing in the North Lake Village dorms, on the beach at FGCUs campus.

Can I request a roommate?

Yes. When registering online, simply indicate the preferred roommate in the appropriate space provided and we will do our very best to accommodate everyone, but please understand that we cannot 100% guarantee it.

Requests must be made by both campers at the time of registration. No last-minute additions/changes can be honored. North Lake Village Dorms are apartment style with 4 individual camper rooms per dorm. Campers will share living and kitchen space. There are 2 bathrooms per dorm.

Will my child be supervised at all times?

Yes. Each camper will be in a group with a counselor who is accountable for them at all times.There is some free time during the day, but campers are only allowed in the dorm or directly outside of the dorm where there is a counselor present.

What is the ratio of campers to coaches/counselors?

At Eagle Swim Camps, we pride ourselves on the low ratio of campers to counselors. We feel that individual attention is a necessity and is vital for a positive experience both in and out of the water.

Who can I contact in case of an emergency?

Our Camp Director will have a camp phone which will be on at all times during all camps.The number will be handed out upon registration.

How much spending money should I send with my camper?

$20 to $40 should be plenty. The following is a list of typical items available in the camp store:
Caps ($10.00)
Snacks ($.50-$2.00)
Gatorade/Water ($2.00)