How do I contact you?

Coach Keith Croft
Phone: 401-206-0855

What should my child bring to camp?

Registration form, cleats and/or sneakers, bagged lunch, water bottle, sunblock, and the desire to enjoy a great, fun-filled week of expert instruction

What do you do at camp?

We stress football fundamentals, conditioning, position drills, NFL style combine testing, punt pass and kick competition. In addition to football instruction, our lecture series also addresses the importance of education, teamwork, taking responsibility for ones actions, proper nutrition, and the danger of alcohol and drugs.

What does a typical day at the Hendricken football camp look like?

09:00-09:15 … Warm-up and Stretch
09:15-09:25 … Skill Station Review
09:25-09:30 … Water Break
09:30-09:45 … Offensive Position Drills
09:45-09:55 … Group Offense (Run Game/Pass Skeleton)
09:55-10:00 … Water Break
10:00-10:15 … Team Offense
10:15-10:25 … Special Team Drills
10:25-10:30 … Water Break
10:30-10:45 … Kick/Punt Return
10:45-10:50 … Field Goal/XP
10:50-11:00 … Conditioning
11:00-12:00 … Lunch/Guest Speakers/ Demonstrations
12:00-12:15 … Warm-up and Stretch
12:15-12:30 … Defensive Position Drills
12:30-12:45 … Defensive Perimeter Period
12:45-12:55 … Defensive Formation Recognition and Blitz Period
12:50-01:00 … Water Break
01:00-01:15 … Testing Combine (40 yard Dash, Position Specific Testing)
01:15-01:30 … 7 on 7 Team Practice Period
01:30-01:35 … Water Break
01:35-01:55 … Game #1
01:55-02:00 … Water Break
02:00-02:20 … Game #2
02:20-02:25 … Water Break
02:25-02:40 … Kickoff/Punt
02:40-02:50 … Fundamental Skill Review
02:50-03:00 … Conditioning

How old does my child have to be to attend?

If your child is 5 years old up to entering the 5th grade they should attend the Hendricken football camp. If they are middle school or high school age, entering 6th grade through 12th they should attend the Elite Football School.

What are your methods of payment?

We accept Visa, Mastercard and Discover. We also accept cash, check, money order or cashiers check made payable to Elite Football School. There is a $25 service charge for all returned checks, and full payment is due prior to the first day of camp.

We do NOT accept American Express.

What is your refund policy?

With the exception of an injury on the part of the camper, there will be no refunds. With a doctors note, injured parties will be granted a fifty percent refund within a one month time frame of the start of camp.

What happens with inclement weather?

Camp will continue outdoors, as scheduled, unless the weather does not allow us to do so. We will then proceed indoors to continue drills, discuss strategy and terminology, and provide further instruction regarding character development.

Does my child need anything special for the Elite Football School (High School Age)?

No, Our camp like our youth camp is non-contact.

What will my child receive at Elite Football School?

Quality instruction in a constructive, yet fun environment
Lectures from a variety of coaches, college athletes and positive role models throughout the RI area
Elite Football School T-shirt or Football Jersey depending on their age.
NFL style combine testing
Punt pass and kick competition

Is there any contact at the camp?

For the youth camp, the Hendricken football camp we are a non-contact camp. Occasionally, while doing drills, there may be some unintended contact between campers; however, we pride ourselves in being a non-contact camp.

For the 6th-8th graders (who attend the Elite Football School) there is no contact for them and they will be separated from the 9th-12th graders.

For the 9th-12th graders (who attend the the Elite Football School) they will wear helmets and shoulder pads and there will be limited contact.

Will my 5 year old compete with older athletes?

While all campers participate in the drills and competition, we make a sincere effort to organize the schedule so that campers will work with others of the same age, size, talent, and skill level.

Will the camp be challenging enough for my child?

We feel it is critical that each camper increase his individual knowledge and skill level. We pride ourselves in reaching every camper so that he is able to gain valuable knowledge and experience in a challenging, yet enjoyable environment.

Who runs the camp?

The camp is conducted primarily by high school football coaches, counselors who are college student/athletes, and a few high school athletes. The Elite Football School is owned and operated by Keith Croft. Keith received a Bachelor of Science in Physical Education and Health from Rhode Island College and a Masters in Educational Administration from Providence College. He is a public school teacher in Rhode Island. Keith has coached high school football for 17 years and is entering his ninth year as the Head Varsity Football Coach at Bishop Hendricken High School.

What is the coach-to-camper ratio?

We strive to have a minimum of one coach/counselor for every ten campers. It helps us to maintain the desired coaching ratio if registrations are entered in a timely fashion.

Can parents, grandparents or others watch camp?

Absolutely! We want you to feel welcome and a valuable part of our team!