"The facilities and accommodations at Endicott exceeded all of my expectations. It was almost too nice." JUST PLAY ELITE Parent

"The food was delicious! There were salads, soups, pasta, pizza, chicken, fish, beef, fresh fruit, strawberry shortcake, and more. Not to mention the Callahan dining hall staff was friendly." JUST PLAY ELITE Camper

"The competition at the camp was awesome and the classroom sessions were dynamic and informative. I would recommend the JUST PLAY Elite Camp to any prospective college player in the country." JUST PLAY ELITE Camper

"I first off wanted to thank you for having me on campus this weekend. I enjoyed getting to interact with the both of you to begin to understand your style of coaching. It was refreshing to have such enthusiastic coaches that made the game both enjoyable and competitive. Endicott was a beautiful campus and I can certainly see myself attending the school." JUST PLAY ELITE Camper

"First of all, I'd like to thank you for a great camp experience! And second, I'd like to thank you for an awesome way to spend my vacation! I'd definitely recommend this program to my friends in Norway. Anyhow, the Endicott soccer program looks like a very healthy and good program, and I wish you all the luck in the future! So next game, just remember that you'll have at least one lousy soccer fan in Norway cheering for you!" JUST PLAY ELITE Camper

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Within the Endicott Men’s Soccer Program we often talk of being “”a dreamer,”” thinking big picture, shooting for the stars – the stars you put on your chest above your college crest that signify winning a national championship because they mean you are THE BEST. But that dream starts with you the recruit looking to play college soccer and our JUST PLAY Elite-100 Camp at Endicott. Facilities, philosophy, teaching, training, and competition create a FIVE-STAR all-encompassing soccer experience that is unparalleled in the country.


Most importantly the coaching philosophy of our camp and its implementation on the training ground comes from NATIONAL TITLE WINNING programs and some of the top names from Division I, II, and III.


Situated on the water, your son will stay on a resort-like campus – brand new air-conditioned dorms that feature both pool tables and flat-screen TVs in the lounges, two beautiful turf fields, delicious meals, and a beach for regeneration swimming in the morning.


JUST PLAY also blends tutorial in the classroom on top of training on the field. These discussions include admissions overviews for the colleges in attendance, college and professional game film analysis, soccer specific strength and conditioning, and nutrition.


Endicott College Is Ranked #2 In The Country For “”Colleges For Beach Lovers’


For questions regarding Just Play Elite Soccer contact 413-348-3303 or joecal15@yahoo.com


August 2018

Elite 100 JUST PLAY Residential Camp

08/02/2018 - 08/05/2018 ~ Thursday - Sunday Registration Ends: 08/05/2018600.00 | Endicott College 376 Hale Street Beverly, MA 01915 | BOYS Ages: Rising 9th-12th (2019-2022)