Harvard Stadium: Home of Harvard Football


The First & The Finest


Nestled in a spectacular setting next to the Charles River and with the Boston skyline on the horizon, Harvard Stadium ranks among the nations finest college football facilities.


Built in 1903, it is also the nations oldest stadium. Harvard Stadium is a horseshoe containing architectural elements of a Greek stadium and Roman circus and is considered an engineering marvel, as it was the worlds first massive reinforced concrete structure and the first large permanent arena for American college athletics. With a seating capacity of 30,323, Harvard Stadium is praised for its outstanding sightlines for fans.


Harvard Stadium once accommodated as many as 57,166 spectators when steel stands were built in the north end zone. Those stands were removed in 1951.


National Recognition


Harvard Stadium is recognized as a National Historic Landmark and is one of just four athletic arenas to be so designated. The Yale Bowl (built in 1914), the Rose Bowl (built in 1922) and the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum (built in 1921) are the other three.


Historic, Yet Modern


The last major renovation of the Stadium infrastructure took place in 1984, and recent structural testing confirms that Harvard Stadium will be as functional well into the 21st century as it was in the early 20th.


In recent years, the playing field was recentered to improve the view for fans seated in the closed end and accommodate the 1998 construction of the Murr Center.


Perhaps the most dramatic change to Harvard Stadium took place as part of a 2006-07 upgrade to the facility that included replacing the natural grass surface with FieldTurf, the addition of lights to allow for nighttime use of the field and the installation of a removable dome-like “bubble,” that allows for year-round use of the facility.


In 2007 the Crimson hosted Brown in the first night game in program history at the Stadium, and 2008 saw the addition of a video board and updated public address system.


The Bubble at Harvard Stadium



Perhaps the most radical change to Harvard Stadium takes place when football season is complete, with the installation of a removable dome-like “bubble,” that allows for the year-round use of Harvard Stadium.


The bubble completely covers the playing surface from November until the spring, which gives the Crimson a fully functional home for winter workouts and spring practices. The bubble takes approximately four hours to inflate once its anchored to the Stadium infrastructure.


Palmer Dixon Strength and Conditioning Center


The Palmer Dixon Strength and Conditioning Center is one of the premier strength and conditioning facilities in the country. Few, if any, facilities can match Palmer Dixons ability to accommodate large teams in such a variety of strength training and conditioning areas with top-of-the-line equipment.



Since its completion in March 2007 Harvard student-athletes have enjoyed training with the new state of the art equipment in the spacious 24,000- square-foot facility.


The Palmer Dixon Strength and Conditioning Center is set up for full service training for each athlete and team. The layout of the building is designed for every aspect of training to be housed in the Center. Training amenities include:


24 Training Stations, each equipped with the following:

  • All-rubber Olympic lifting platform by Sorinex
  • Olympic bar on the platform
  • Landmines by Sorinex, with Olympic platform, for multiple-plane movement training with barbells
  • Attached chalk bowl between platforms
  • Full bumper plate set (6-45lbs, 2-25lbs, 4-10lbs, 2-5lbs, 2-2.5lbs) by Uesaka.
  • 9ft tall Power Rack with built-in 3-way chin up bars by Power Lift.
  • Power bar on the rack
  • Olympic Bench adjustable from 0 – 90 degrees by Sorinex.
  • Full iron plate set (10-45lbs, 2-25lbs, 4-10lbs, 2-5lbs, 2-2.5lbs) by York.
  • 18 inch step-up Plyo box
  • Dip and chin-up belt
  • 4 pairs of resistance bands (25-lbs, 50-lbs, 75-lbs, 100-lbs)
  • Stability ball and stability pad

Additional Amenities include:

  • 14-person Dip Rack with extra weight belts
  • 2 Full sets of dumbbells each ranging from 3lbs up to 130lbs
  • 3 Hammer Jammers
  • 21,000 square-foot all purpose turf floor.
  • 45-yard field turf surface allowing athletes engage in foot work, dynamic warm up and dynamic flex, speed and agility training, interval conditioning and dynamic strength training.
  • 12 pulling sleds for speed training as well as dynamic strength by Power Systems
  • Speed and agility training equipment storage space.
  • Indoor and outdoor med ball walls each 40 feet wide and 8 feet high
  • 50 medicine balls ranging from 1lb up to 20lbs
  • A 3,000 square-foot conditioning loft filled with 30 pieces of indoor conditioning equipment
  • Spinner, Airdyne and stationary bikes as well as treadmills, ellipticals and stairsteppers.
  • Mens and womens locker rooms
  • Strength and Conditioning offices


Dillion Fieldhouse – The Home of Harvard Football



Dillon Fieldhouse is the home of Harvard Football. It houses the football locker room, the Equipment Room, Sports Medicine Facility, the football coaches offices and meeting rooms.


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