New for 2018 - Hands-on workshops!!!

  • Coop Camp was a super fun, relaxing weekend. I enjoyed making new friends and learning new chicken keeping practices


  • The length of the workshops was great!


  • Loved the drawings for prizes at the end of each workshop!


  • Great prices in the Marketplace.


  • Coop Camp was a fun, relaxed atmosphere. Loved that there was the ability to ask questions any time… no matter the question!


  • Enjoyed getting to meet all the chicken enthusiasts and learn what others feel is important.


  • I liked the chance for in-person learning, instead of just reading stuff on-line.


  • Have been raising chickens for five years and I still learned something…


  • Coop Camp was very well done. I cant think of anything to change!


  • Coop Camp was a great experience. The open panel discussions were really helpful.


  • Met a lot of new friends and learned some great information.


  • The only bad thing about Coop Camp was the weekend went by too fast!


  • Cant think of a single thing Id change.


  • Loved meeting all the people.


  • The presentations on newest products were great and I appreciated hearing the differences in philosophies.


  • The only thing I didnt like about Coop Camp was having to leave.


  • Loved the beautiful chickens, of course! Really liked the panel discussion at the end of each day.


  • Coop Camp is a great place to meet other chicken folk and share concerns/problems/successes.


  • Coop Camp totally exceeded my expectations!


  • My favorite part of Coop Camp was the whole thing….


  • Loved meeting all the backyard chicken people.


  • Great combination of speakers!


  • Love the Social and the chance to get to know everyone.


  • Great to have the chance to learn from friendly people.


  • Meeting interested, dedicated chicken people was awesome.


  • Liked all the knowledge that was shared and the idea that there are a lot of different ideas on how things can be done.


  • A great weekend all about chickens. With real CHICKENS! And lots of chicken people.


  • So fun to meet so so many other chicken people!


  • The workshops were very informative and the interaction between people made it fun.


  • So many generous door prizes…Thank YOU!


  • Loved the wide scope of the Coop Camp workshops.


  • Excellent job all-around. In-depth, comfortable, educational and fun!



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