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The Mental Game of Soccer Playing the Game One Touch At A Time



In The Mental Game of Soccer, mental conditioning expert Brian Cain, with co-author Chris Gnehm the Head Womens Soccer Coach at Palm Beach Atlantic University take you through the process of playing the game one touch at a time so that you give yourself the best chance for success on the field and in life. Cain works with top high school and college soccer programs around the country and in this book he shares with you the exact system he uses to train the top teams in the nation.



Train your mental toughness just like you train your body to be a one-touch warrior
• Establish and live program core values that create a championship culture
• Compete one touch at a time, fully focused in the present moment
• Focus on the process of becoming a champion, which results in championships
Stop spending time at practice and in film and start investing time so you get a return
• Keep a positive and aggressive attitude in a game of adversity and failure
Take your preparation to the next level, both physically and mentally
• Create routines for everything in soccer so you become a machine of consistency
Stay in control of your emotions so you can stay focused on what really matters
Choose your response in any adversity by developing response-ability
• Use mental imagery for enhanced confidence and skill development.
• Stay inspired and motivated throughout the grind of the year-long soccer season



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