Sailfish Soccer Camps


Motivational and Keynote Speaking

Chris Gnehm gives motivational and keynote speeches with the single focus: making a positive impact on organizations, and to inspire audiences with his sheer strength, knowledge, and insight.Success breeds success!


Team Consulting

Chris Gnehm is the mental conditioning coach that top high school and club teams turn to for a competitive advantage. He works with you to customize the peak performance experience to help your program maximize your athletes potential. Only a limited number of slots are available!


One on One Coaching

Coach Gnehm works one-on-one with athletes and coaches of all levels. He is now offering one-on-one coaching opportunities where he can work with you directly so that you can compete at the highest level and win the game of your life. Field sessions, and mental conditioning sessions are available.






If you would like personal guidance from our team email us at:

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