Player Development Training Programs

1.) Camps / Training Programs – Summer/School Vacation
• Training program designed for all ages and skill levels
• Specialized training sessions to teach fundamentals of the game
• Challenging & FUN!



2.) Preseason Camps / Training Programs – Spring Season / Fall Season
• One week training program
• Specialized training sessions geared toward preparing each player and team for the demands of the upcoming spring/fall season
• Focusing on introducing new techniques and sharpening each players skills for the upcoming spring/fall season
• Challenging & FUN!



3.) High School Preseason Prep Program – Summer
• The High School preseason prep program will focus on formulating each player for the demands of the upcoming season
• High School preseason prep programs will have a critical focus on preparing each player and/or team technically, tactically, physically, and mentally for the upcoming preseason
• Bulldogs Soccer Academy offers 1 week, 2 week, and 3 week programs



4.) High School Off-Season Training – Winter
• 8 week program, meets once a week
• The High School winter program will have a critical focus on technical and physical development
• Each session has 3 phases: Technical phase, Strength & Conditioning Phase, and Speed of Play Phase



5.) Foot Skills Training Programs – Winter, Spring, Summer, & Fall
• Length of program can vary
• Offers a true blend of competitive training in a fun-filled environment
• Specialized training sessions designed to teach player to master the ball (Dribbling Rhythms, Change of Direction, 1v1, Stop – Starts etc.)



6.) Goal Scoring Program
• Offered both at the instructional level and the elite level
• Enhancing each players ability to score goals
• Curriculum Focus & Techniques: Attacking in the final third, movement off the ball, 1v1 moves, finishing (striking, placement finishing, volleys, half- volleys, attacking heading, etc.)



7.) Sports Performance Training Program
• Soccer specific program designed to enhance each players athleticism & motor skills
• Training curriculum will differ depending on age and physical maturity
• Motor Skills Focus: speed, agility, quickness, balance, explosiveness, & conditioning



8.) Coaching Education
• Classroom Sessions (board meetings)
• Putting Coaches Through Training Sessions
• Group Nights



9.) Individual Team Training Program
• Unique opportunity to have a Bulldogs Soccer Academy trainer designated to your team for the season
• One session / Week, 8 weeks
• Two sessions / Week, 8 weeks

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