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B.E. (or Ben Ebong) Ready Basketball Academy was started in 2008 as a way for me to share those lessons and experiences with young boys and girls as they were once shared with me. I have continued to develop a curriculum that uses my expertise, the fundamentals and nuances of basketball to help young people develop into successful adults. All they know is the fun and enjoyment (and physical fatigue) of learning basketball from professional players.


BE READY Basketball Academy

We believe in nurturing each child's potential. Through team sports kids can be given unique opportunities to absorb the values, self-discipline and dedication associated with lifelong success in so many other endeavors, using well structured fun activities. Our program is basketball taught by a professional basketball player and skilled crew.

But it's also about surrounding learners with caring adults and a positive environment that help them grow as individuals, while learning the fine points of competitive sport. We see true value in helping prepare them to make the most of life's opportunities.

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For questions contact info@bereadyacademy.com or by phone at 704.960.1722.

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