In 2005, Auburn University set out to make its men's and women's tennis teams two of the best programs in the country, starting with a state-of-the-art facility.

What level campers attend camp?

Our tennis camps are designed to teach the technical basics and love of the game to the beginning player, to introduce strategic decision making, and more advanced technique to the intermediate player, while building on their current stroke production, and to put the advanced player into pressured, strategic and competitive situations.


How are the campers divided?

Campers are divided by age, experience and ability level throughout the camp week. We make sure each camper is challenged yet comfortable in their surroundings, enabling skill level improvement.


What type of supervision is provided and will my child be safe?

All activities both on and off the courts are supervised by mature and responsible staff members. Safety is a top priority throughout the week. We have developed detailed rules and regulations in order to provide a safe atmosphere at the camp. No one is allowed to leave campus or leave their group during camp. Supervision in the residence halls at night ensures the campers are getting adequate rest. In addition, campus security is present at all times.


Can I bring food and drinks to camp?

YES! Although the dorms do not have refrigerators in the rooms, please feel free to bring snacks and drinks. We will provide breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as, have a camp store available with snacks and drinks throughout the day.


How do I reach my child during camp?

We will provide contract numbers for our directors and head counselors in the event you need to get in immediate contact with your child. We do not recommend they bring cell phones to the courts.


How are campers transported during camp?

Camp vans are used to transport campers throughout camp


Can parents watch camp sessions?

Absolutely! We are happy to allow parents to view any of our camp sessions.


Can parents spend time with my child in the dorms?

If parents come to the dorms, we ask that they stay in the lobby with their child rather than join them in the dorm room.


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