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What does each camper need to bring to camp?

They will need to bring the following items to camp, depending on if they're staying in the dorms or not, and which camp they've registered for:

1. Sheets for a twin bed, blanket, and a pillow
2. Alarm clock
3. Soccer shoes (broken in/not brand new) and flats or tennis shoes
4. 5 shorts, 5 shirts, and 5 pairs of soccer socks (minimum)
5. Shinguards
6. Spending money (for pizza, snacks, and souvenirs)
7. Soccer ball (unless purchased from the camp)
8. Towels and Toiletries
*Please do not bring valuables to the camp (jewelry, excessive money, etc.)


What type of supervision do you provide?

All activities both on and off the field are supervised by professional, responsible staff members 24 hours a day. The staff stays in the dorms with the campers, and security will be on duty during the night in the dorms. Also, the campus police patrol 24 hours a day.


Can we come visit campers? Can we watch them train?

You are more than welcome any time to visit the campers in front of the dorms and to watch them train and play. Please do not take your child off campus without permission from Coach Hoppa.


How much spending money should the camper bring?

A moderate amount is appropriate. Enough to purchase drinks and or snacks between meals and to purchase any desired Auburn souvenirs. There is an opportunity to purchase pizza after evening matches.


How many campers to a room?

The dorms have rooms with 2 twin beds. Each room is joined with another room by a private bathroom (which does lock on both sides for safety). Your roommate preference was designated on your application. We will make every effort to accommodate special requests; however due to the dorm space, we can only guarantee one roommate request which must be designated by both campers.


Do you provide evaluation for your campers?

We provide comprehensive written player evaluation for all those who attend the Auburn Soccer Camp. The evaluations aim to help the camper improve her game in a positive, constructive way.


What do campers do in their free time?

There is very little free time. We are on the field 3 times a day and have some nighttime activities planned.


What does the daily schedule look like?

Here is our camp's daily schedule.


NOTE: Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and lights out times will follow the Monday Schedule throughout the week.

Commuters: All commuters should be dropped off at the field at 8:30am and picked up from the fields after their evening matches. In the event of rain, commuters pick up will be at the dorms. All commuters must check in and check out daily with their coach



1. Auburn University Employees will receive a 10% discount for relatives attending any Auburn Soccer Camp.
2. Auburn Athletics Department employees will receive a 25% discount for relatives attending any Auburn Soccer Camp.
3. Relatives of directors receive free tuition
4. Dependents of current camp staff will receive free tuition during any camp in which the parent is working.

Please contact Sammy Towne at

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