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The amount of data available in today’s world because of technological advancements is mind blowing; however, it serves no use without people to interpret and analyze how that information may be useful and applied.


Athletic Edge 360 is an athlete skill and athleticism data mining and analytics firm who consults amateur athletes as it relates to holistically improving their overall athletic performance (which includes athletically, sport specific skill-sets, as well as injury reduction and prevention) utilizing data and analytics gathered through performance testing and skill evaluations (which we have labeled as Athletic Performance Analytics or APA Index and Skill Performance Analytics or SPA Index Scores) for complete player development and performance improvement, giving our clients an competitive edge over their competition.


Athletic Edge 360 exists to educate and improve young athletes opportunities through human performance. We believe that every athlete has an untapped level of greatness that we can bring to realization. We strive to create a habit of pursuing excellence with our athletes and by preaching the mindset of – BE THE BEST.