Wells Fargo Arena, Ned Wulk Court

During Day Camp, how does my child get from one facility to the other?

Each camper will be put into divisions based on his or her age group. Each division will walk to and from Weatherup Center and Wells Fargo Arena as a team, and will be accompanied by Camp Staff. Staff will be positioned at the front, middle, and end of the group to ensure that no camper is left behind when crossing the street.



Where does my child eat during camp?

Meals are not provided for our Day Camp. Therefore, campers may choose to bring their own lunch or purchase the Lunch Plan ($50) upon registering for camp. The Lunch Plan may also be purchased in cash on the first day of camp. Individual days may not be purchased.  Concessions will be for sale throughout the entirety of camp.


CLICK HERE to download the lunch plan for Day Camp 2018.



What is the supervision during camp?

An experienced staff comprised of coaches, players, student managers, and athletic trainers will be on location at all times to ensure the safety of each camper.



What if my child needs to leave camp early?

We do not promote any camper leave early, as it takes away from his or her overall experience. If a camper does need to leave early, the camp director should be notified, either in person at drop-off or via email, so he can let the camper’s coach know.



My child is currently taking medication; do I need to bring them to camp?

Only medication that needs or may need to be taken during camp should be brought to camp. Please provide complete, written instructions on dosage and frequency of all medications. An athletic trainer will be at each facility at all times. Please instruct the athletic trainer of these medications at Camp Check-in. Medications will only be dispensed by the athletic trainers.



Are cell phones permitted during camp?

Cell phones are permitted at camp, but we do not permit the use of cell phones during instruction or competition. Campers will be allowed to use their cell-phones during breaks and lunch. Arizona State University is not responsible for any lost, damaged, or stolen property.



Are there any discounts or scholarships available?

For returning campers, we offer a $10 off the price of camp.

For families who are signing up more than 1 camper, we offer a family discount of $25 off the price of camp for each child.

For any parents or guardians who are ASU Alumni, we offer $25 off the price of camp.



What is the cancellation/refund policy?

If you decide to cancel your registration anytime before 11:59pm on June 11th (one week prior to camp), you will be subject to a $25 cancellation fee. You will receive a refund of the camp price, but the registration fee is nonrefundable.

If you decided to cancel your registration anytime between June 12th and June 17th at 11:59pm (the week before camp), you will be subject to a $100 cancellation fee. You will receive a refund of the camp price, but the registration fee is nonrefundable.

If you do not show up to camp or get sick/injured during camp that results in you not being able to participate, there is no refund.



How does my child pay for concessions from the camp canteen?

On the first day of camp, there will be a table with a camp staff member at registration who will set up camp bank accounts for each camper. Campers can choose have their money kept track through the bank, or they can pay cash. Camp bank accounts can be replenished anytime during camp. At the conclusion of camp, any money leftover will be refunded per the camper’s request.



In case of emergency…..

Please contact Justin McLean or Derrick Wrobel by phone, (480) 965-3261, or by email at bobbyhurleybasketballcamps@gmail.com

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